Phantom Keystroker V2 makes office pranks affordable

How many of you work in an office and can not keep yourself from playing practical jokes at every given opportunity? The Phantom Keystroker was designed with you in mind. This tiny USB thumb drive thoroughly annoys your co-workers by causing their computers to malfunction.

Simply slip this drive into any USB port while they are not looking with no need to install drivers or software. The Keystroker emulates a keyboard and mouse and periodically makes random mouse movements, toggles caps lock and types out various text a phrases. There are three switches on the side that allow you to choose between random mouse movements, caps lock and keyboard garbage typing.

You can even mix and match which functions you would like or completely bombard them with all three. The Keystroker also allows you to adjust how often these events occur. You are going to have IT guys scratching their heads for some time over this one. The Phantom Keystroker works with all operating systems, however caps lock will not work on Mac computers. Go over today and order yourself one of these for only $14.99.