Pet Acoustics offers My Pet Speaker sound system for pets

Most of us probably know someone who really, really loves their pet. You know the type, nicer to their pets than kids or friends, buys the pet all sorts of clothes and other items. The latest great pet gadget has been unveiled by Pet Acoustics and it is called the My Pet Speaker.

The device is designed to let the pet owner play music from any 3.5mm output device including the iPhone or iPod for horses, dogs, cats and other pets with sensitive hearing. The device has an omnidirectional speaker for better sound any direction from the speaker.

Bass is softened for comfortable listening and the speaker uses a 4-inch drive unit with a cone reflector. The buttons for controlling tracks are on the back to prevent pets from hitting them and the base is large and stable to prevent pets from knocking it over. Dimensions are 12.5" x 9.84" x 12.6" and it weighs 11.02 pounds not counting the power transformer. The My Pet Speaker will ship in March and can be pre-ordered later this month for $249.99. An iPhone app is available that goes with the device for $1.99 on iTunes.