Personalized Whac-a-Mole game in covert, remote-control cabinet

I'm not sure what's best about this Whac-a-Mole cabinet: the fact that it's hidden inside an innocent looking bookcase and opens at the press of a remote button, or the fact that you can have personalized mole-heads made to resemble your family, co-workers or favorite politicians.  Comprising five moles that randomly pop up, two soft leather mallets to batter them with, and an LED display to keep track of your score, there's also a drinks shelf and glass-rack above to calm you down after a particularly frantic session.

The cabinet is walnut veneer with real hardwood inlays, and opens via two remote control struts.  As well as a rack for your brandy glasses there are holders for the two mallets.

The Personalized Whac-a-Mole cabinet is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer (who else?) priced at the not-inconsiderable $35,000.  Alternatively they sell a more straightforward, stock Whac-a-Mole game for "just" $4,500.

[via Born Rich]