Personal Music Showers Introduced at Burger King in Japan

Evan Selleck - Jul 8, 2010
Personal Music Showers Introduced at Burger King in Japan

Here in the States, it’s just about brand new that fast food places want you to stay in their restaurant. Their chairs used to be so uncomfortable, and the colors inside so uninviting that it took the utmost level of will power just to stay in their long enough to finish your fries and burger. But, while that’s slowly changing here locally, it would seem that fast food establishments around the world don’t mind if you stick around. In fact, at a Burger King in Tokyo, Japan, it looks like they want you to stay as long as you want — just make sure you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Why? Because if you have one of those gadgets, you’ll be able to hook it up into a connector in your booth. Once you do that, you’ll be able to pick whatever music you want, and listen to it in your booth. How can they do that without bothering the other customers? Specialized “music showers,” which are designed to reside above your booth like a hanging lamp, pointed down right at your table and covered by a dish. The music will fall like water into your booth, and that way you can listen to whatever you want without disturbing anyone else. Or vice versa, of course.

Just from the picture alone, it looks like this Burger King is designed to keep people around for a little while, and we’ve got to admit we like the sentiment. Of course, the musical shower doesn’t hurt at all, either. We have to admit, though. We are a bit skeptical at how well this works, but that just gives us another reason to head on over there and try it out ourselves. Now, about that plane ticket…

[via DVICE]

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