Persida Lapsac laptop bag

Abby McVay - Jan 23, 2008, 8:46am CST

Any woman who tends to enjoy carrying around half of everything she owns in her purse might need a bigger laptop bag as well. This laptop bag can be used as more of a day to day bag, while still looking casual. In the picture shown by itself, it doesn’t seem to be that large of a bag. Yet when shown on the arm of the model, it is quite obvious it could hold enough to keep any pack rat happy.

It has a slightly abnormal spot to house the laptop, but I really wonder if it wouldn’t be more convenient in its new placement. The pouch for the laptop is well padded and zips closed to keep it safe. MacBooks fit great in the slot and it will hold up to a laptop measuring 12.78” x 9.1” x 1.08”.

persida lapsac is giant laptop bag

The overall dimensions of the tote are 16” x 11.25”. It features four inner pockets, both the laptop pocket and the large compartment are lined. The bag is being sold for $58, the only available colors are the ones shown above.


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