Periscope update brings GoPro broadcasting

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 26, 2016, 2:25pm CST
Periscope update brings GoPro broadcasting

Putting your phone in danger to broadcast on Periscope is a risky activity, particularly given how expensive some phones are. To give its users a different option, Periscope has announced support for the GoPro HERO 4 action camera in its iPhone app. With it, the GoPro camera can be set up over WiFi to broadcast video through the Periscope app, no smartphone risk necessary.

Periscope users with an iPhone can connect to the GoPro’s WiFi and switch the camera into video mode. Launch Periscope on the iPhone and hit the Start Broadcast button. From there, assuming the camera is set up properly, the GoPro button will be highlighted. Enter broadcast details like a title and you’ll be ready to stream live.

During a broadcast, it is also possible to toggle between the GoPro HERO 4 and the iPhone’s own camera, opening new opportunities for a multi-camera arrangement. Just double tap the display to toggle. If you’re out and about and don’t want to risk accidentally toggling, the phone’s screen can be locked via a new button.

GoPro has praised the new integration, with its president Tony Bates saying:

GoPro enables people to capture and share their experiences in the most immersive way possible, and the integration with Periscope provides GoPro users with a great, real-time platform to share their content.

SOURCE: Medium

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