Periscope for iOS updated with "mute" feature

Broadcasting app Periscope has pushed out an update for its iOS app, and among the changes is the ability to mute people you are following. You'll still be able to see their feeds if you'd like, and you'll still be following them, but if they broadcast too often you can "mute" their notifications (turn off receiving them), so that push notifications from those users become a thing of the past. This is version 1.1.3, and it is available as of today from the App Store.

The feature is similar to muting someone in Twitter — if someone tweets too often, you can silence them while remaining a follower. The same goes in Periscope for iOS, only it stops the push notifications that happen when that user starts a broadcast.

The latest version also brings some other changes, the second most notable of which is an option for setting your preferred language. This is found in one's profile settings, and will narrow down which broadcasts you see in the global list.

Other changes include past broadcasts having "always visible" viewer statistics, and "iOS 8 Handoff" with which users can begin watching on one of their iOS devices and then transition "seamlessly" to another iOS device (assuming they both are logged into the same iCloud account and have Bluetooth turned on).