Periscope adds web replays

Periscope has quickly been adopted by users far and wide, including by organizations that use it to broadcast presentations and similar entities. The broadcasts happen in real-time, of course, which is great for watching something as it is happening, but isn't so awesome if you happen to hop on after the broadcast has already started. That's where replays come in, with Periscope electing to offer its users a 24-hour period where they could replay the broadcasts after they aired. That feature was just expanded.

On Twitter today, Periscope announced that it has launched Web replays, which allows users to enjoy those replays on the Web rather than just their mobile devices, where they were previously limited.

The same 24 replay window applies as with replays on Android and iOS. To use this, you'll need to open a Periscope broadcast link in your browser, where it will then start to play. It's a simple update, but a welcomed one.

Hopefully this will lead to more useful features in the future — embedding, perhaps, and an elimination of the replay limitation, though neither of those are known to be in the pipeline. Hit up the timeline below for some other recent Periscope news!

SOURCE: Twitter