Perion launches Incredimail for the iPad

If you've been around the Internet long enough and you're a Windows user, you've no doubt come across Incredimail at some point, being slammed with a hodge-podge of flowery stationary and cutesy-item overload. The service has been refined over its many years, and for the first time ever has grown beyond its Windows foundation to join ranks with a secondary platform: the iPad.

Perion launched the app earlier today, and those familiar with the Windows desktop version will find it similar in many ways. Incredimail for iPad allows users to add-on a variety of other online accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and even AOL. It also supports adding IMAP emails accounts, but does not presently allow for POP3, which is disappointing. That aside, users will find that they can aggregate a great deal of their accounts with the app.

Depending on your level of OCD and how many emails you have, you can elect to have all the emails and messages from the tied accounts mixed together in a single inbox melting pot, or you can have them separated in their own neat boxes via tabs on the left side of the app. When looking under the option for all the accounts, you'll see neat boxes arranged with message previews scrollable to the right.

Some other fairly awesome features includes the ability to take a picture via the iPad's camera while composing a message, attaching the photo as you go (or adding one from the camera roll, alternatively). Speaking of attachments, both they and links are displayed with previews not unlike what you see on Facebook when a friend shares a link, making it not only convenient, but also providing a clean user interface.

Of course, it wouldn't be Incredimail without a virtual basket full of stationary options, which allows one to fancy-up their email message with letterhead ranging from casual and colorful to a tad more "professional," though it is something that seems to appeal to only a small percentage of email users. Those running iOS version 5.1 and higher can grab it now at the App Store.

[via The Next Web]