Percy Jackson author confirms Disney Plus series in the works

Disney plans to turn the children's book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians into a Disney Plus series, author Rick Riordan has confirmed on Twitter. The project will build upon the movie released in 2013; though the series was never a big theatrical hit, it may find more success as a streaming TV show. According to Riordan, the show's first season will be based on the book "The Lightning Thief."

According to Riordan, there's not much he can say about the Disney Plus series at this time, though he does mention that it will be a live-action show and that both he and his wife will be involved "in every aspect" of it. "There will be much more news in the future, but for now, we have a lot of work to do!" Riordan said in his statement.

The project is in its early stages, a source speaking with The Hollywood Reporter claims. The book series features a total of five books; by the sounds of it, Disney will make each book a season, assuming the show lasts that long. The books were previously turned into two movies from 20th Century Fox based on the titles "The Lightning Thief" and "Sea of Monsters."

The movies featured an older cast compared to the books; Riordan indicated in his tweet that Disney's series will be more faithful to the original books, meaning that it will likely target a younger audience. It's unclear when Disney plans to release the show, but if it is indeed in the early stages, it will likely be a couple of years before the first season arrives.

The Percy Jackson books revolve around the main character Percy who has a mortal mother and, he soon discovers, Poseidon as his father. Made aware of his demigod status, Percy is soon accused by Zeus of having stolen his lightning bolt, kicking off the first adventure in the book series.