Pepsi outs green bottle made from plant material

Everyone is trying to go green today and reduce the amount of trash and plastic that we put into the environment with harsh chemicals and materials that won't break down on their own. Pepsi has announced that it is set to begin testing on a new green bottle for its soft drinks that is made entirely of plant material.

The bottle Pepsi is showing off is clear and looks like a normal plastic bottle at first glance. However, rather than being made from plastics like a normal bottle this one is made from stuff that normally gets tossed out like pine bark, corn husks, and switch grass. Pepsi will also use other trash materials in the future in the bottle mix as well.

Pepsi wants to use leftovers from the food business for its bottles like potato scraps, orange peels, and oat hulls. The bottle will begin limited testing in 2012 and if that limited testing works out all its bottles will convert to using the new material.

[via Geelosystem]