Pepsi Cafe just made cola with coffee in a can a reality for 2020

There's a coffee drink on the horizon, made by Pepsi and meant to be sold in tiny baby cans. They're actually 12oz "slim cans", the sort you might equate with an Energy Drink, made popular by the folks at Red Bull. Pepsi Cafe (or Pepsi Café, if you wish), is "balanced with just the right touch of roasted Arabica coffee." So wait, you might be saying, does that mean it's just Pepsi Cola mixed with coffee? I mean, sorta!

According to Pepsi's first release on this drink, Pepsi Cafe "blends the taste of deep flavorful coffee with the refreshing, crisp taste of a Pepsi cola." This drink will be sold in two flavors right off the bat: Original and Vanilla, and they've gone so far as to cite "consumers' appetites for new and blended category options" as one of their reasons for launching this mix.

The Pepsi Cafe Original will be the "perfect pick-me-up for those who enjoy their regular cup of joe, but also love the sweeter caramel undertones of a Pepsi cola." The Vanilla flavor, they've suggested, was made to be a "sweeter and creamier beverage."

Per Pepsi, their first "cola and coffee" product was released all the way back in 1996 with "Pepsi Kona." Pepsi suggested that this drink was "ahead of its time", and that now in 2019 they're ready to roll back into the "ready-to-drink iced coffee products" space with Pepsi Cafe. Pricing has not yet been revealed, though we'd be shocked to find one can cost more than its equivalent only-coffee competitors from brands like Starbucks.

You'll find this Pepsi Cafe drink hitting store shelves in April 2020 in the USA. After that, it'll really depend on how popular the drink becomes. If it's just awful and nobody buys it, it'll fizzle out in the USA. If it's massively well-met, it'll spread across the world, more than likely. We shall see.