Pentax shows "the new K" on website, fuels rumors

It looks like Pentax is having a little bit of fun with the public at large. Even though rumors have already been circulating about a possible new camera from the company in the U.S., they're now just offering a teaser on their website, stating that "the new K" will arrive on May 20th.

Now, "the new K" refers to the K-series of digital SLRs offeried by Pentax. Other than a date for the big reveal, we don't know much. The top of the camera is shown, so we can gather a flash hot shoe will be a feature, but that's about it.

Apparently, a similar teaser effort was completed in Japan for the big reveal of the K7D, so many are thinking it will be this same camera that hits the U.S. And this would be a big deal because the K7D is very high-end and would offer burst shooting, a 1/8,000 shutter speed and a new autofocusing function.