Pentax 645D Japan launch delayed; 40MP sample shots revealed

As reasons for delaying a product launch go, overly "high demand" isn't something you can complain too loudly about, but all the same we imagine there are some disappointed Japanese photography geeks out there right now.  Pentax Japan have delayed the launch of their 645D medium format DSLR, claiming to have been surprised by the number of orders received; instead, the 645D will drop on June 11th.

The 645D has a 40-megapixel Kodak sourced sensor that, at 44 x 33 mm, is around 1.7x the size of the CCD you'd find in a regular DSLR.  It's designed for detail not speed; maximum capture rate is a frame per second, but Pentax expect it to be picked up by still life and scenery photographers.

To make up for the delay – or perhaps just taunt would-be owners a little more – the company has posted some example shots from the 645D on their site.  Still no word on the possibility of a release outside of Japan.

[via Amateur Photographer]