Penske Automotive Group offers free SiriusXM on pre-owned vehicles

Mark Raby - Jun 12, 2012
Penske Automotive Group offers free SiriusXM on pre-owned vehicles

There are a lot of carmakers that have struck partnerships with SiriusXM to give free service for a limited time to customers who buy a new car. But if you’re more in the market for a used car, such a perk has generally not been available to you. Until now, that is. Penske, one of the largest pre-owned car retail franchises, is giving three free months of SiriusXM service to used car buyers.

It’s unclear how much of the bill Penske is picking up and how much SiriusXM is chipping it, but it’s safe to assume that both are pushing some money into this deal to draw people into Penske locations and to gain new customers to the world of satellite radio. “Providing a 3-month SiriusXM subscription is a fantastic benefit to Penske’s customers and we look forward to working with its dealers to seamlessly deliver our critically-acclaimed audio entertainment at the touch of a button,” said SiriusXM sales president Rob Kurnick.

SiriusXM is one of those tech companies that sort of just remains in stasis. It’s at the point where it has no competition for satellite radio, and no time soon will drivers stop wanting to listen to the radio in their cars and trucks. So it just keeps chugging along. New talk programs are added regularly, with celebrities like Naomi Judd among the latest to get their own satellite radio shows.

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