Penny Arcade's Child's Play 2007

The holidays are creeping up on us once again, which means its time for Penny Arcade's Child's Play 2007. No, Child's Play is not referring to the series of horror flicks featuring Chucky. Its a charity, and not just any charity its a gamers charity.

Since most of us are geeks and gamers we all typically enjoy our fair share of games. Child's Play is a charity that sends games to the children's hospital of your choice. Once you have picked out a hospital you can also pick out the game. My local hospital picked several choices games pricing from $13 and up. Also a few Nintendo DS Lite's in varying colors.

Not only would you be helping a lot of sick kids you would also be proving to the world once again that we gamers do in fact have a heart. This holiday season pick out an extra gift and send it to the kids at your local Children's Hospital.

Penny Arcade's Child's Play Launches Charity Drive 2007 [via geeksaresexy]