Pendolo speaker concept perfect for Pit and the Pendulum fans

Every speaker I have ever owned have been in square or rectangle boxes that looked basically the same on the outside whether they were $20 Walmart specials or multi thousand dollar high-end speakers with tweeters made from unicorn horns and fairy dust. You can get speakers that are as much sculpture as they are for music and home theater on one of the cooler looking concept designs I have seen is the Pendolo.

Pendolo is a 2-way loud speaker that has an orb mid-range driver that dangles from the curved base that is acoustic itself. The base houses the tweeter up top and the woofer is in the bottom of the base.

The thing looks gigantic, and it is fairly large at about four feet tall. As far as design concepts go, these speakers are actually pretty cool and I could see some high-end speaker maker like Bowers & Wilkins selling these things. Edgar Allen Poe would have totally owned the Pendolo and used it to play Thriller (figure out how Poe and Thriller are connected for geek points).

[Via Yanko Design]