Pelican Controller Charging Station - Sexy charger for your SIXAXIS controllers

If you've got a PS3, that means that you use a SIXAXIS controller that generally gets its charge from a USB cord attached to your Playstation. There's nothing sexier than a cord hanging from your wireless controller. This cool stand from Pelican might be a better option.

The Controller Charging Station (creative name, no?) looks like it will blend in nicely with your PS3. It has docks for two SIXAXIS controllers, and two USB ports for additional controllers. Your controllers pull their juice from the AC adapter, which is better than using the old cord, as you would only get a charge when your PS3 was actually turned on.

The Charging Station is reasonable in price. You should be able to pick one up in 2-3 weeks for around $30.

Pelican PlayStation 3 Charge Station [via ign]