Peeple app launches letting you review your friends

Yelp has been around for a long time and has raised the ire of more than one business that received a bad review that was incorrect. Peeple is a new app that we have talked about before. It is sort of like Yelp, but rather than allowing the masses to review a business, it allows us to review each other. That means if Steve at the office is a jerk, you can leave a review covering just how jerky he is for all to see.

It sounds to many like a new way to cyber bully people, and if you register, it might be exactly that. The developers claim that it was created to provide a reference check for the people around you. It allows people to rate others in categories including personal, professional, and romantic. The fear when the app was first announced was that others might be able to rate you without your permission.

That fear has been allayed in the freshly launched iOS app by only allowing others to rate you when you give your permission. People being reviewed can also hide their negative reviews. To make reviewers think a bit about what they are writing, all reviews have to be submitted under the reviewer's real name. Peeple has a future update planned that will add something called the "truth license."

When users pay for that option, they will be able to see every review left about a person, even if the reviews are hidden. That means if someone writes a nasty review about you, puts it on Peeple, you chose to hide it for whatever reason, and anyone paying for the "truth license" option will be able to see it. The iOS version of the app is available now with an Android version on the way.