Peek prototype, breakdown and production design videos

If you've ever wondered what's inside the Peek emailer – or why the company picked the buttons, casing and display they did – then you'll want to see the video after the cut.  In it, Peek's Dan and Gabe explain the development of the emailing handheld.  First, though, there's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the Peek's guts and some prototype hardware.

We're fans of the Peek emailer here at SlashGear; while its singular purpose might not earn it a space in our pockets, we can imagine plenty of friends and family who could certainly use one.  Personally, I'm eagerly anticipating its launch in the UK, where I think data tariff-shy buyers are going to love the idea of an all-inclusive email handheld. 

There's also news of an upcoming Peek REST API, which will allow developers to work with the handheld directly rather than through the inbox.  No ETA, sadly, but it's another layer of functionality that will hopefully keep Peek ahead of the curve.  For examples of what you can do before the API is even in place, check out these third-party add-ons.

Inside the Peek:

Peek design decisions: