Peek ask for help on Mobile Linux Peek messenger

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If you're a Linux developer who has found that the recession has left you at a loose end, Peek may have just the project for you.  They're throwing open the doors to open-source development on their email-centric Peek device, in the hope that someone will get Linux up and running on the ARM7-based handheld.

For the person who manages to get things up and running, Peek are promising "a little mini-consulting gig" in order to show them how this new Mobile Linux Peek should go together.  No word on whether that's a paid position or not, but either way it's something impressive to go on the CV.

There's a growing list of links to potentially helpful information over at Peek's blog, including details on the handheld's TI Locosto ARM7 processor.  This isn't even a platform with high entrance costs for developers; Amazon have the Peek listed for just $19.99.