Pebble tips CES 2013 event: “It’s (almost) Time”

Chris Burns - Jan 3, 2013, 11:45 am CST
Pebble tips CES 2013 event: “It’s (almost) Time”

For those of you that worked with the KickStarter for the device known as the Pebble Watch, you’ve been waiting perhaps a bit longer than you expected you would to actually see a final product in your hands. Today the folks responsible for the Pebble Watch project have made it clear that they’ll be hosting a CES 2013 even that will – quite likely, but no promises – reveal the watch at last.

This event will be presented on January 9th via a live streaming webcast at the website. This event will be a live presentation captured from a real live CES 2013 event that’ll be taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This says to us that the presenters, “Eric + Pebble Team”, finally mean business.

What we’re expecting to see at this event is a real live presentation of the final product as well as details on when the device will be shipped to KickStarter backers. With as long a wait as we’ve seen with this device in this campaign, it’d be a disappointment not to have those two things (at least) ready for action. Meanwhile we’ll also hope for additional color casings and features and all that good stuff as well.

You’ll be able to tune in to the whole massive ocean of events all week long via our CES 2013 tag – expect that portal to be filling up with a never-ending stream of madness the whole week through. Also be sure to hit up our Pebble tag to see those updates exclusively as they pop up.

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