Pebble Time teased in Red, charger design done

With the Pebble Time Kickstarter ending with a bang, all that's left is for Pebble to deliver on its promise. Being Pebble, there is perhaps little doubt they can pull that off too, but it's still a good thing to hear an update or two from them. Last week, they teased some of the software functionality of smartwatch. This time, they're going for a bit of hardware, showing off one of the new Pebble Time color options as well as the finished charger cable design.

Yes, that's a Red Pebble Time you are seeing. The new Pebble smartwatches were offered in three colors of black, white, and red. Now the final pieces of that puzzle is in place, though we still have to see the Pebble Time Steel pieces in the flesh. The choice of colors is perhaps a fitting feature considering the Pebble Time is the first colored e-paper smartwatch to hit the market.

Pebble is also showing off the Pebble Time Charger Cable. Like the original Pebble charger, it uses magnetism to securely latch on to the smartwatch. Unlike the original Pebble charger, however, it seems that the designers have chosen to use the underside of the wearable as the connection area. This could have implications in the design of 3rd party accessories and chargers.

Fortunately, Pebble won't be leaving this accessory makers in the dark. Now that design of the official charger has been locked down, they can confidently provide the 3D print file for the charger design that these manufacturers can use to get a head start. And they better hurry, as the first batch of Pebble Time smartwatches are expected to ship out mid May.

SOURCE: Kickstarter