Pebble smartwatch gets torn down, not much to it

Craig Lloyd - Mar 13, 2013, 9:15am CDT
Pebble smartwatch gets torn down, not much to it

The Pebble smartwatch was all the rage on Kickstarter, and we eventually got our grubby little hands on the thing at CES back in January, with our full review being posted up last month. The amazing folks over at iFixit have also ended up getting their hands on the device, but they went about it in a different manner, completely tearing it apart to see what’s inside.

Since the watch doesn’t have any visible screws anywhere, you have to pry the outer shell apart, and there’s certainly no lack of adhesive holding the device together. iFixit even notes that you won’t be able to take it apart without compromising the glass display. Once it’s pried off, however, you get an all-access pass to the components inside.

By removing the lone ribbon cable that makes its way through the device, you can get better access to the internals that are deep down below the e-ink display. The ribbon cable alone houses all four buttons, three LEDs, and the Bluetooth antenna, which makes it nearly impossible to replace an individual component, according to iFixit.

In the end, iFixit noticed a few key points when tearing apart the little device. First off, it’s pretty much impossible to open up the Pebble smartwatch without busting the glass display, since the watch is held to together with strong adhesive to make it waterproof. Also, the low power consumption of the device decreases the frequency that you’ll have to charge it, which increases the life of the battery in the long run, with a possible life of 10 years, according to iFixit’s estimates.

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