Pebble smartwatch for iOS and Android available on Kickstarter

While smartwatches are nothing new, there really hasn't been one that has all the features you'd expect, not to mention they've typically been expensive. That's all set to change, as a new Kickstarter project presents the Pebble watch. It's compatible with iOS and Android thanks to Bluetooth, and has an e-paper display so that you can easily view it outside.

The watch connects to your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth, and alerts you to notifications with the built-in vibration motor. While text messages aren't supported on iOS, almost everything else is: incoming calls, Facebook and Twitter notifications, as well as email, calendar, and weather alerts. Luckily for Android owners, text messages are supported by the watch.

You'll also be able to configure the watchface. If you want something simplistic, like text, that will be available, as well as classical and more modern faces. Pebble say that the watch will come with a wide variety of different faces, and more will be added as time goes on.

The big selling point of the watch is apps. The Pebble will be able to run different apps for various scenarios: for example, cycling would tap into the phone's GPS in order to display speed and distance, while runners would be able to control their music from the watch. Pebble is also working with Freecaddie to bring a rangefinder app to the watch, with data on over 25,000 courses. Developers will be able to make their own apps for the watch with the available SDK and upload them to Pebble's phone app.

If this sounds like your dream watch, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge. Right now, the first 200 people will be able to get their hands on a black Pebble watch for $99. After that, they'll set you back $115, with a white and red option costing $125.