Pebble smartwatch ESPN Scores app now available

Pebble users now have access to an ESPN app, giving them up-to-date scores from the convenience of their wrist. The app is available for download now, and comes ahead of the upcoming college football season, the company points out.

Those who use the app will get access to data across a wide range of leagues, including the NFL, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and both college basketball and football. The app — released earlier today on the Pebble App Store — can be grabbed now, and supports Android and iOS.

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Using the app, users will be able to keep track of more than one game at once, if desired, using a variety of flicks and taps to move between information. One can flick to get an update whenever they'd like to see, as well as to see the current time.

Tapping back will take the app back to where it was, and vibrations are used to provide alerts when a score changes or a game update comes in. If you haven't already, check out our review of the Pebble smartwatch (and the Pebble Steel, while you're at it).