Peanuts 3D film coming in 2015

If you were a child of the 80's, you know as well as I that many of the things we were into back then are coming back around in force. Marketers know that the toys and shows we loved as kids are things that we will buy and share with our kids today. Such is the case with the Transformers toys that we loved in the 80's being turned into films.

Other 80's movie staples have been revamped and turned into new movies that have hit theaters from Robocop and Total Recall to James Bond. Growing up, I always knew when holidays were close because Charlie Brown and the Peanuts were on TV. Those classic cartoons for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween still come on TV today.

One of the hallmarks of Peanuts cartoons for me has always been the hand drawn animation that is a bit crude by today's standards. Blue Sky Studios has announced that it is bringing a feature film called Peanuts to theaters in 2015.

Rather than being a hand drawn cartoon like we all know of Peanuts so far, this one will be computer animated and offered in 3D. I'm not sure how I feel about that. If any animated film ever deserved to be offered in old school hand drawn style, Peanuts is it. The first trailer for the film has debuted, and at least it catches the feel of the existing cartoons and the long running comic strip. The movie will land in 2015.

SOURCE: Variety