Peacock will get new Universal movies within months of theatrical release

NBC's Peacock probably isn't the first (or second, or third) streaming service that comes to mind when you want to watch a movie or catch up with a TV show. The platform has finally gained relevancy in the streaming market, however, with a major deal that'll bring new Dreamworks and Universal movies to Peacock within a few months of hitting theaters.

Back in March, word surfaced that Universal Pictures was considering a move that would put its new films on Peacock within a few months of their theatrical release. This, it was noted at the time, would be a big move for the company, which currently shuttles its new movies to HBO within half a year of theatrical release.

Of note, Comcast owns NBCUniversal, which owns Universal Pictures. NBCUniversal is also the company behind Peacock, so it would make sense for the company to ultimately move its movies to its own streaming platform. That makes today's confirmation of the aforementioned rumor less than surprising.

Peacock will be the exclusive home to Universal Pictures' new movies, which will be available to stream on the platform no more than four months after they hit theaters, according to CNBC. The same will also be true for new DreamWorks films, with the deal scheduled to kick off in 2022.

After that four-month period, Universal movies will also be made available to other distributors, meaning consumers won't be forced to sign up for Peacock if they're content with other options (and a few months of waiting). Beyond that, consumers can also expect some Universal Pictures movies that'll be Peacock originals.