Peacock streaming service puts The Office full series on premium plan

Hit sitcom The Office is now exclusively available to stream on the service Peacock, which has decided to center its pricing around whether you want full access to the show. Though Peacock continues to have a 'free' tier, it only provides access to the first two seasons of The Office, limiting the remaining seasons to paying subscribers.

The streaming service Peacock comes from NBCUniversal; it offers access to a library of content from the network, including shows like 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, and Downton Abbey. As well, the service offers exclusives like its Saved by the Bell reboot.

The Office is likely the platform's most popular show and its greatest lure for new subscribers. The show moved from Netflix to Peacock in the recent past, leaving fans to make a hard decision: get yet another streaming service or go old-school and pick up the TV show on DVD to avoid the streaming shuffle altogether.

Physical discs seem positively archaic at this point, so if you want to stream the full show, you'll have to sign up for Peacock's $4.99/month Premium plan, not to be confused with the pricier 'Premium Plus' plan priced at $9.99/month.

The Premium plan provides access to The Office's complete seasons, as well as new footage, deleted scenes, and extended cuts. The Premium Plus option mostly removes ads, though some remain. In comparison, The Office complete series Blu-ray box set is available new for around $120, the same cost you'd pay for a full year of Peacock Premium Plus.