Peacock makes The Office free to stream, but only for a week

Massively popular sitcom The Office made the transition from Netflix to Peacock earlier this year, much to the dismay of fans. Peacock is a three-tier streaming platform, offering free access to some content, as well as two premium plans — and you must sign up for one of the paid plans to get access to The Office. That has changed, but only for this week.

Peacock made all episodes of The Office available to stream for free starting today. If you create a Peacock account, you'll be able to immediately stream the series without signing up for the $4.99/month or $9.99/month plans.

If you're a diehard The Office fan, there's a good reason to sign up for one of the paid plans, assuming you haven't grown weary of yet another subscription to pay. The cheaper of the two Peacock premium plans provides access to extended cuts from The Office, among other things.

The $9.99/month also provides these extended cuts, with the added bonus of an ad-free experience. Peacock is now the only destination to stream The Office, and it's clear NBCUniversal is aware of how big of a lure the hit show is for new users — possibly even new paying customers.

Of course, fans have pointed out that you can also purchase The Office on DVD or Blu-ray and free yourself from the burden of yet another streaming service. That assumes, though, that you don't mind giving up the convenience that comes with being able to quickly toggle to any episode you want without getting off the sofa.