PDP Rock Band drumkit silencers

As every parent knows, the whole point of computer games are to keep your little angels quiet.  That way you get to make dinner without having to reach for the Prozac first.  If, however, your musical genius is getting too carried away beating seven shades out of the Rock Band drumkit, you might consider these PDP pad silencers.

Sold as a pack of four, and color coded to match the bare drum pads, the silencers cut out excess noise during even the most frantic battering.  They can be cut to fit each pad perfectly, and later removed without damaging the kit.

The cost of relative silence?  A mere $19.99.  You could probably make something similar yourself using sheets of foam-rubber or similar, but considering proper drumkit silencers cost more per drum than PDP are asking for the whole set, it sounds like a bit of a bargain to me.

[via Chip Chick]