PD-100 Black Hornet: smallest video R/C helicopter in the world

Proxdynamics have been demonstrating their PD-100 Black Hornet remote-control helicopter, the latest chopper from their stable and the smallest in the world to come equipped with a video camera.  Just 15g with a blade-span of 10cm, the PD-100 is controlled by a 6-inch LCD-equipped handset that can also record all wirelessly-received footage for later review.Video demos after the cut

Top speed is 20mph, and it's reportedly silent in operation and can be airborne in a minute.  The company expects the Black Hornet to be used for remote investigation of hostile environments, such as warzones or sites of contamination.  If that hasn't given it away already, the bad news is that the PD-100 won't go on sale to the general public: when it launches in 2010 only official organizations such as the military will be able to buy one, with volume shipments expected in 2011.

There's nothing we hate more than seeing a cool new toy – especially a radio-controlled helicopter – and then being told we can't have it.  No word on how much the PD-100 package will cost, but our friends in the military and emergency services will get three PD-100 choppers, the remote and a transport box with integrated charger.

[via Crave]