PCmover for Windows 7 detailed

There are lots of computer users out there who are eagerly awaiting Windows 7. Some computer users are looking to jump the Vista ship as soon as Windows 7 is in their hands. The most difficult part of upgrading the OS of your computer for some is getting all their files and information transferred to the new machine.Laplink software has announced its PCmover software will have some new features to make migrating from Vista to Windows 7 easier. Those of you who never upgraded from Windows XP and are planning to move to Windows 7 will be glad to hear that the soon-to-be released version of the software has provisions for upgrading to 7 from XP.

The software promises to allow XP users to do a full upgrade to Windows 7 just as if they had done an in-place upgrade. This is important because not all users moving from older Microsoft OS' to Windows 7 will be able to do an in-palce upgrade. The software also supports migrations for Outlook Express and Windows Mail. The software is available for under $40.