PC mod made of old motherboards

Gadgets made out of motherboards are one of those things that I know are so incredibly beyond geeky with very little, if any chic thrown into the mix. Yet even knowing that I can't ever get enough of them, which means this PC is drool-worthy in my book.

Any beat up motherboards were cleaned up for this design by using a putty knife to make a shell. It stands 16.25" tall and is apparently used to decode satellite signals. He of course used a Dremel to get all the fancy edge work done.

On the inside it has an EPIA M10000 motherboard, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD, DVD Burner and a DVB PCI satellite card. To prevent air flow conflicts the CPU fan has been altered. The PCI blower fan sucks air from underneath and blows it out the top, the hard drive is located midway up on the tower.

[via gizmowatch]