PC Dice keeps your diagnosis creative

If you're under pressure trying to fix someone's PC, whether its for cash or a needy relative and need a diagnosis quick snatch some of these dice. It may not be the correct one, but they'll likely stop calling.

Time and time again IT guys have proven why you don't mess with the your tech guy, however, sometimes people don't listen. In which case you can have a bit of fun diagnosing their computer at random. This way you keep your ideas a little more new and fresh. You don't want to say the same fake diagnosis twice, that would be just wrong.

The green die has Virus, Spyware, Modem, Video, Network and Reboot. The blue features install, New PC, Upgrade, No idea, Quit and $$. The red has Windows, Unix, Linux, Wireless, Wired and Mix. I personally like the "no idea" option, that and $$. For three teeny die it will cost you $27, that or you can add it to their bill.

New Dice Make Computer Diagnosis Easy [via geekologie]