PayPal to open pop-up store next month in NYC, showcasing new mobile payment options

Paypal is all set to open a new pop-up store in the trendy streets of downtown Manhattan, New York, to announce and showcase their new payment options and point-of-sale features that are coming soon. PayPal plans to invite local merchants to visit the store, located at 174 Hudson, to experience and see real-time demos of the company's payment processing technology for retail stores, and see it in action how they intend for it to be at brick and mortar stores nationwide.

This isn't the first time we've heard such news, we mentioned this briefly back in July as a response to other mobile payment systems such as Google Wallet and more. Along with the retail store in Manhattan coming November 1st, Paypal plans to have plenty QR codes out front and nearby for people walking and passing by to scan that will give them more details and reveal all the information right from Paypal.

Paypal isn't stopping at QR codes and mobile payments either, the new system is expected to allow consumers to check inventory in real-time, and provide location stats and in-store offers from local stores. Just as Paypal mentioned in September, they plan to offer a complete and comprehensive solution for store merchants and owners to support payments from customers whether they are in-store, online, or using a mobile payment solution.

Paypal's big brother eBay recently purchased the mobile payment company Zong, to give eBay users similar options too. Paypal told TechCrunch they will continue to debut this technology as they can, and have plans to announce a number of partnerships with many retail stores soon. This is a wise move by Paypal as more and more things are moving towards mobile, for now we'll just have to wait and see what all they have in store.