PayPal Shows Off Preview Of New Upcoming Site Design

PayPal has had the same design for quite some time, and it is, shall we say, a tad dated. That will be coming to an end in the relatively near future, with the company rolling out a preview of its updated design, complete with information about the layout and how it will benefit users. Check out its features and some screenshots after the jump.

The updated design, which you can see in the image above, is very Web 2.0-ish, with a streamlined, easier to digest interface that categorizes things in a logical, simple way. Bits of information are displayed in their own sections right on the main account screen, including notifications, recent activity, and balance.

Unlike the current design, which requires hunting through tabs and menus, the new design features drop-menus with relevant items, such as coupons, banking information and cards, and credit. The three main functions – Account Summary, Activity, and Settings – are located as tabs in the upper menu, which toggles the screen between the three categories.

Performing the most common tasks done on PayPal is also streamlined in the new layout via shortcuts on the right-hand side of the account screen. Shortcuts are available for requesting money, sending money, adding money, and withdrawing money. There's no mention of when the new design will go into effect, but the curious can check it out here.

[via PayPal]