offers personal URL for collecting quick payments

PayPal has just launched a new feature aiming to both simplify and quicken online payments from person to person. Dubbed, the service provides users with a personalized URL that they can provide to people who need to send them a payment. Both parties still need to have their own PayPal accounts, but those making a payment no longer have to log in, navigate to the payment menu, and enter someone's email address. They can simply visit a link, sign in, choose the amount to pay, and hit send. URL will never change, but users will need to be quick if they want to register something as simple as their name, like, for example. If the link is going to be used for payments towards a specific purpose, such as a recurring office party, users could register something like, giving everyone involved a quick way to chip in funds.

Money paid through the link will automatically go to a user's standard PayPal account. Since the link is meant to be easily shared through means like messaging apps, email, or social network profile, there's also a neat way to dictate the payment amount someone will see when they visit the page. Simply add a figure to the end of the link, such as, and the amount to be paid will be auto-populated with 20 dollars (or whatever a user's local currency is).

The feature is available starting today in a large number of countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria.