PayPal Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanning spreads to Gear 2 and Fit

This week the folks at PayPal have made clear that they're headed to the Galaxy S5 for a rather sizable collaboration on the fingerprint scanner. Here we're assured by PayPal that they're all about moving on from the password and pin-number universe, instead focusing on fingerprints. They say it's more secure, and they say they're ready for the future.

According to PayPal's Chief Product Officer Hill Ferguson, they've conducted a test with the National Cyber Security Alliance that says more than half of Americans are ready to move on. Move on to "newer security technologies such as fingerprint authentication", conveniently on the Galaxy S5 as it launches this month.

PayPal's app is headed to the Gear 2 and Gear Fit today as well, right alongside PayPal's "friends at eBay". These apps allow users to check in and pay with PayPal as well as check their PayPal balance, see "offers" from local businesses, and get payment notifications.

In the videos included here you'll see PayPal apps being used in the real world. PayPal isn't about to let this fingerprint opportunity go without their online banking solution, and right out of the box you'll know the score with the Galaxy S5 from Samsung.

We'll be bringing you a full review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 soon, including PayPal payments and fingerprint swiping from top to bottom. Let us know if you feel secure enough in this next generation of authentication, or if you'd rather stick with your numbers and letters.

Above you're also seeing a basic look at the Finger Scanner on the Galaxy S5 from earlier this year.

VIA: PayPal