Paydiant brings QR code option to mobile payment landscape

The newest entry to the wildly and rapidly growing mobile payment environment is a company called Paydiant. It doesn't expect you to rattle off its name when you're out talking with your friends about Square and PayPal (because we all do that all the time), but it does want you to realize there are other alternatives to traditional credit card payments, and it has its sights set on QR.

QR codes have so far been used mainly for basic tasks like directing users to micro-sites. So if you go into Best Buy and scan the QR code next to a TV, you'll go to a special landing page with more information about the product. Paydiant wants to bring that technology to mobile payments. In a VentureBeat interview, Paydiant founder Chris Gardner accused players like Square and Google Wallet of having "Visa envy."

"We said, hey, regardless if that becomes a viable model, we believe there's an opportunity for someone to offer mobile wallets and offers solutions to brands," Gardner said. His company is also looking into NFC technology for when that might become a bit more accessible, but for now it likes the QR code idea. It has regional trials set up with five banks throughout the country and has secured nearly $20 million in funding.

[via VentureBeat]