Patriot reveals new enthusiast Viper II Sector 5 RAM

Computer enthusiasts know that not all RAM is created equal and many are willing to pay a premium for RAM that performs better and is more stable when overclocked. Several companies out there make enthusiast class RAM for computers including Patriot Memory. Patriot is unveiling its latest enthusiast RAM offering today.

The RAM kit is called the Viper II Sector 5 series and operates at 2250MHz. The DDR3 RAM has timings of 9-9-9-27 and is hand tested to work on the Intel P55 chipset platform. Patriot is offering the Sector 5 RAM in a 4GB kit consisting of a pair of 2GB modules with part number PVV34G2250LLK.

Patriot uses special edition aircraft-grad aluminum Sector 5 heat spreaders to remove heat created when overclocking. Each of the RAM modules is hand tested to operate at the advertised frequency and Patriot claims there is overhead for overclockers to get more performance. Patriot claims to have hit speeds of over 2400MHz with the modules.