Path Talk update lets you text businesses (sort of)

Path updated their Talk app today, and it brings in one striking feature that might have you using their messaging app. You can now text your questions to a business, and get an answer back in a few minutes. Well, on your end it looks like you're texting a business — it's a bit more complex than that, though.

Under the "laces" tab in Path Talk you'll see a list of local businesses. In there, you can text a question to that business. Something like "is the line really long right now?", or "do you still have tickets for the 5:00 showing of (your new favorite movie)?".

That text is sent to Path, who in turn call the business for you. The business never gets an actual text from you, because that would involve a ton of infrastructure, and as we've pointed out before — not many people use Path.

Instead, Path relies on their own agents to call those businesses you're asking questions of. So your question goes to Path, and they'll respond with what the business tells them. It's great for those times you can't get away easily, or need to query multiple sources in short order.

This is the result of Path's TalkTo acquisition earlier this year. TalkTo offered pretty much the same thing, it's just been re-branded as Path, and cobbled into their app.

It's a neat idea, and in testing it out, we got great results. Answers came back to us in a matter of minutes. For those times you need to find something out on the go, or don't want to wait on hold, Talk is great.

Source: App Store, Google Play