Pastor holds rally to burn video games, music

Every generation it seems that the blame for all the world's troubles is placed on some form of pop culture. Usually it comes down to music, or in more recent years, video games. So what is the solution? According to Pastor Richard Patrick, it's time to burn it all.

Specifically, his church is holding a rally where they will burn violent rap music and video games. I'm not even going to bother going into all of the reasons why video games don't turn you into a violent maniac. What I will note is that he compared this to a gun buyback program they did previously where they removed violent weapons from the hands of locals by offering them money. Seriously, this guy just ranked guns, video games and music on the same level. Someone needs a reality check.

I seriously want to track this guy down and hold a rally of my own. Not even about video games or music (although I'd like to do that too), but rather protesting the fact that he's going to go burning all of this crap. No one can prove that violent video games or music will turn you into a killer, but it is a well known fact that when you burn stuff like this, you are harming the environment. Way to go jackass.

[via Game|Life]