Partial Lunar Eclipse Live-Streaming Later Today

If you're in the mood for a lunar eclipse, NASA says that there will be one later today, but it probably won't be anything too spectacular according to their description. The partial lunar eclipse will be taking place during the day in the US, but there will be a live stream from Dubai that will start at 3 pm ET.

This will mark the first lunar eclipse of 2013, but it won't be a full one. According to NASA, less than 1.5% of the moon will be darkened by Earth's shadow, and it will only last 27 minutes, which will make it one of the shortest lunar eclipses that we've seen in the past 100 years or so.

The partial lunar eclipse will start at 10 pm GST, and the folks at Slooh Space Camera will be live streaming a video feed from a telescope in Dubai, where the partial lunar eclipse should be completely visible as long as the weather cooperates. Commentary will also be provided by Dr. Lucie Green, who is a researcher at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in England, so it should be quite the learning experience.

If you miss today's lunar eclipse, don't worry, as there will be two more throughout 2013, with the next one occurring on May 25. That one should be visible by folks in the US, although it won't be a completely full lunar eclipse, however. The third lunar eclipse will take place on October 18.