Parrot Zikmu Solo keeps the gigantic mobile accessory trend hot

With speaker docks getting as giant as a coffin this year for devices galore, it's no wonder that accessories like the Parrot Zikmu Solo are as living room-worthy as they are. What we've got with the Zikmu Solo is a tower-like speaker that works either wirelessly or connected to your iOS device – or any speaker-cord-capable device with 100W of power under its hood. This device works with stereo output, a single unit speaker, and three loudspeakers on the upper part – as described here in detail, of course.

First you've got Two HARP (High Aspect Ratio Panel) drivers that diffuse the sound between the left and/or right side of the unit. Then you've got one central BMR (Balanced Modal Radiator) driver to diffuse the sound to the back and lower front of the unit. Inside you've also got a proprietary algorithmic processor called Sound Flex, optimized to bring you a "pure and perfectly balanced musical image."

This device connects via Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC, and has an integrated ethernet port to boot! You'll be able to connect the speaker to essentially any audio source with an integrated line-in input for both analog and optical digital connections. You've got UPnP and DLNA protocols on your side here and the whole thing is able to act as an iPhone or iPod dock as well.

The dock does not (yet) offer a dock for the iPhone 5, but is able to work with the iPhone 4S, 4, and 3Gs. You'll be able to work with the Parrot Audio Suite application for both Android and iOS devices to connect wirelessly and control everything from your iPad, Android tablet, Android smartphone, or iPhone, and the whole package contains just the basics – plus a few extras. For MSRP 999 USD you get the main speaker unit, an AC power cord, an optical Toslink adapter / 3.5-inch jack, remote control (with included battery), a quick start guide, and a collection of "universal dock adapters" for your different iPhones and iPods – 3Gs, 4, and 4S. This device will be out in November at a collection of in-store retailers – check it out!