Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone with headset launches next month

The Parrot DISCO, a small drone unveiled at CES 2016 with a design at odds with just about every other consumer drone, will be available starting next month for $1,299 USD, the company has announced. Unlike most consumer drones, which sport a few rotors (quadcopters), the Parrot DISCO features a pair of wings similar to what you'd find on a large drone or an ordinary airplane. The drone teases a bunch of fun possibilities, including FPV operation via a headset and drone-mounted camera.

Parrot says the DISCO is the first fixed-wing drone that offers so-called 'immersive flight' — that is, a first-person-view from the drone's camera via a headset similar to a VR headset. This headset lets you experience flight almost as if you were sitting in a cockpit, and while it's not unique to the Parrot, it is still atypical for consumer drones and a fun way to pilot.

That headset is called the Parrot "Cockpitglasses," and it works with a full HD camera mounted on the front of the drone. The drone itself is very lightweight, and it includes features that aid operation, including autopilot and automatic takeoff/landing. Operators won't have to control the finer aspects of operating, instead using the joystick to more or else express their intention (turning, for example) while the drone takes care of things like proper tilt and speed adjustments.

Control is delivered via the Parrot Skycontroller 2; that aforementioned HD camera can be used to take aerial photographs, meanwhile, which are saved to the drone's 32GB of storage. The drone can travel at speeds up to 50MPH with resistance against winds at speeds up to 24MPH. The internal battery allows for up to 45 minutes of flight time, as well.

If all of this sounds exciting, you'll be able to get a Parrot DISCO of your own starting some time next month for $1,299 USD — that includes the Parrot Cockpitglasses headset and the Parrot Skycontroller 2.