Parrot ANAFI USA rugged drone packs 32x zoom and thermal camera

European drone company Parrot has announced its new ANAFI USA, a drone model designed for industrial use with enterprise-grade data security and a variety of high-end technologies. The ANAFI USA isn't meant for the average drone enthusiast — it's a working machine that can be used to monitor wildfires and other natural disasters, to survey land and rural infrastructure, and more.

The Parrot ANAFI USA is a drone manufactured in the United States, something seemingly intended to assuage national security concerns related to drones manufactured in China. The model is targeted at industrial and government use — it can be used for search and rescue missions, by security companies to monitor a location, for land and building inspections, and more.

Parrot explains that its new drone features the same level of durability as its Short-Range Reconnaissance drone, as well as the same level of security. The model has GDPR-compliant privacy and data encryption features, as well as a design that makes it easy to operate the device, according to Parrot. The drone can be made operational in a bit under one minute, including unfolding it and establishing the radio link.

Arguably the best feature about this drone is its integrated FLIR camera, enabling users to find and capture hot-spot signatures from distances up to 1.2 miles. When the thermal mode isn't in use, the regular camera features a 32x zoom lens, enabling operators to get a close look at structures and locations without maneuvering the drone too close. According to Parrot, this camera and zoom lens can offer 'clear' images from distances up to 3.1 miles away.

Other features include an SD card slot that works with encryption to protect videos and photos, WPA2 WiFi, an IP53 rugged design for use in windy and raining conditions, stabilization tech for video capture in wind speeds up to 15m/s, support for automatic flights and more using FreeFlight 6, and a physical controller that works with smartphones.

The Parrot ANAFI USA arrives for preorder on July 27 with a starting price of $7,000 USD.