Park bench presses ads on your bare legs

If you thought pop-ups and spam were the lowest forms of advertising you were wrong. At least with a pop up the company isn't using your body to advertise like the ad this bench presses into your bare skin when you sit down.

The idea is that people wearing shorts short enough to leave their bare thighs against the raised letters of the board on the bench the letters leave a read area on the skin that forms the ad. The raised area on the bench looks like an ink stamp with no ink. As you walk down the street, the red letters that are pressed into the skin are readable.

I guess the upside is if you are the sort that likes to stare at the butt of the hottie in front of you as she walks at least this will give you some sort of excuse for doing so. This is a real advertising campaign too by a company called DDB Auckland to advertise for a clothing store called Superette in New Zealand. The ad reads "Short shorts on sale at Superette." The "on sale" portion is the only part I can't make out.

Via Neatorama