Paris opens first part of its highway for bicycles

Many people like the idea of getting around on a bicycle, but not having to do so on the same roads as cars. To deal with that issue, Paris has decided to create a 28-mile highway that is exclusively for bicycles, banning all motorized vehicles on them and, as a result, making a safe space for cyclists to get around more quickly. The highway is called Reseau express velo, REVe for short, and it was first voted upon last year.

Paris has officially opened the first section of that highway, and it plans to have the rest of it open by the year 2020. This is just one part of the city's larger changes intended to make cycling safer and less of a hassle. Other changes have been as simple as adjusting biking regulations, like permitting turns at some intersections without a greenlight.

Paris also plans to introduce smart traffic lights that will prioritize bicycle traffic instead of vehicular traffic, new bicycle stands, and two-way bicycle lanes on what are currently one-way streets. The changes will be rolled out gradually in coming months and years.

Cycling has many benefits for cities and people alike, including increased exercise for those who may otherwise spend hours sitting at a desk. Pollution rates decrease as more people use a bicycle instead of a car, and congestion levels decrease...two things that are also positively affected by carpooling instead of single-occupant car trips as well.

SOURCE: Inhabitat