Paranga gives eBooks the feel of real books

The big problem with most touchscreen devices is that there is no tactile feedback. For some users this makes the touchscreen hard to use. There are all sorts of touchscreen gadgets that use various methods to give the user tactile feedback using things like screens that click when pressed. If you are an eBook reader that misses the feel of flipping pages researchers from Osaka, have a new device you might like.

The device is called Paranga. It takes your eBook reader and combines it with a system that recreates the sensation of flipping pages when turning the pages on your eReader. The system has an integrated sensor to detect when the book is bent and then gives the user a page flipping sensation using a roller.

The downside to the system right now is that it isn't sensitive enough to allow for one page turn. It will only turn multiple pages at varying speeds. You could make one of those old school animation books using it though. What I don't get is why someone that misses the sensation of turning pages that bad would be using an eReader at all.